Powering Down MyOpenArchive.
Thanks for six great years.

It is with great sorrow that we announce we will soon discontinue Open Access repository service (the actual date is November 24, 2013).

There are two simple reasons for this:
1) Usage of MyOpenArchive has declined.
2) Our project has fulfilled its original purpose.

MyOpenArchive is an Open Access repository that was created for researchers at institution without an institutional repository (IR). When we launched MyOpenArchive into public alpha in September of 2007, we had one goals: advocate "Open Access" mind as widely as possible. Recently, there has been a growth in the number of Social iR ("individual" rather than "Institutional" Repository)" for researchers such as figshare, Mendeley and so on. And many researchers are beginning to use them with "Open Access" mind.

We recognized that our role is over. Therefore we decided that we discontinue the MyOpenArchive service.

This is not the end of MyOpenArchive, as we have some cool ideas on how to relaunch the service. Stay tuned and expect a relaunch.

Thank you again for using MyOpenArchive as your Self-Archiving platform.


The MyOpenArchive team

September 20, 2013 (MyOpenArchive's 6 Year Anniversary)